FASE – Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education has long had a hand in providing educators with images that they can use to inspire and engage their students in STEAM related education.

With the FASE Production - PBS distributed series – Futures with Jaime Escalante, Classrooms everywhere brought the subjects of math and science to life as the series provided images representing real world application of math.

As an extension of that work FASE now provides a streaming channel with the same goal of providing content to educators that helps them inspire and engage students into STEAM education pathways.

To further this effort FASE has created a STEAM Icons Project. This effort identifies prospective iconic STEAM images as well as noteworthy humanitarian images and creates artistic drawings, sketches and paintings and displays them in an online gallery and at selected exhibitions. Signed and numbered limited editions are available online and include certification through a 3rd party – Verisart, creating authenticated collectibles using blockchain technology for serious collectors as well as those who want to support STEAM education.

Fernando Olea
Art Director
Foundation for Advancements in Science & Education 

Fernando’s love for art started at an early age. According to his mother, at 4 years old he had "painted" their new apartment's walls with Crayola.

On one occasion, as school homework, he drew the Argentinian liberator, Jose de San Martin, using colors, highlights, and shadows. The teacher saw it and she scolded him saying that his parents weren't supposed to help him with this particular homework. But it was his creation! Soon after, his mother felt that he might be able to express, focus and learn more at an art school. So, at the age of 8 years old, he went to his first local art school and learned drawing, painting, and ceramics.

Today Fernando is the art director for a foundation that has a variety of programs in STEAM education, sustainability and environmental health.

In addition to being the art director he helps run the Foundation’s marketing and messaging for the various projects underway at any given time.

And importantly he creates art that reflects iconic and impactful images that help to inspire and engage students in STEAM and that help the foundations’ partners and stakeholders accomplish their visions and missions.

Born in Argentina Fernando now resides in Southern California with his wife and young daughter.